Background and tips for weddings

It has been a very very long time since my last blog post. 2014 was a very busy year for me, got engaged, got married, moved to a new home and so much more.

I started the website because I like to give, and the main reason for this website is to give ideas and tips for brides to be (although I did not post that much last year)  this year I will diffidently try and give more ideas , because when I was busy planning my wedding I had all these amazing ideas (or so I thought) I sometime forgot about putting those ideas to reality and some of those ideas were not practical, or they looked so good on photo’s trying it all by yourself can be difficult and sometimes more expensive. The other thing I experienced were that the ideas was not realistic. I think if you can plan and do your wedding yourself it is much better, you can have exactly what you want and how you want it, you will be more tired though because you did all the work. Our wedding was perfect although there were about 6-7 stuff that wasn’t the way I wanted it to be, but thats okay, the most important thing were seeing the most wonderful person I know waiting there by the isle and choosing me to be his wife for the rest of his life. ( Our venue did everything for us)

I have a few tips, that I have learned from my wedding.

1. Be calm, everything does not need to be perfect it just have to be there. ( My bouquet were missing the morning of the wedding, luckily I got it in time, the florist delivered it to me, weeks later she told me, the girls who did my bouquet forgot about it and used all the roses for the tables, she needed to search the whole town to find the right color roses.)

2. I forgot to put on lotion, not that I was stressed I just had so many things to do. I hate not wearing lotion but I was okay. Just remember to put on lotion!

3. Our cake topper broke the morning of the wedding, my husband needed to go into town again and find a new one ( shame he had so much stuff to do the morning of the wedding)

4. When I arrived at the Chapel they had put my flower crown not the way I wanted it on my head, so now I have this little flower in the middle of my face, I am not happy about that.

5. I had eaten the afternoon but when it was time to take photo’s I felt so dizzy and warm and not well, so we did not take as many couple photo’s as we wanted to. I do not have any advice for this one. But we also had load shedding, only the lights worked and not the air-corn so I think it was to warm for me.

6. Our first dance were perfect and then my father came, he forgot we had a father and daughter dance and then everything was mixed up, I really would have dance just one more proper dance with my father.

7. If you have a big wedding ( we had only 98 guest) you will not be able to get around and chat with everyone, that is just impossible. Make peace with it or have a small wedding.

8. Do have a wedding video, it is so special!! This is the one thing we would recommend any couple who wants to tie the knot, save and make sure it is someone professional and someone fun.

9. Take time and look at your wedding, look at the guest, the tables, your cake, the photo booth ( we had one, super FUN) and enjoy it.

10. Make sure to take an “take a way” of your wedding food ( I can not tell you what we had and how it tasted) I know we had a biltong salad and that was great.

The magic moment of your life is over in a few hours, do not over spend ( I know you want everything to be perfect and you only get married once) we did not over spend, ask yourself will it make a difference or not, do I really need it, yes or no?

Remember it is not about your fancy car or great decorations or expensive cake ( we had a little one, because we had a candy table) it is about you feeling like a princess in your wedding dress ( whether your dress is expensive or cheap, does not matter as long as you feel like the most beautiful princess Disney has ever seen) and knowing you are making the best decision marrying the most amazing guy you know.

I am very sad because we could not enter for all the wedding competitions, only one because we got married 29 November and then it is Christmas and you have to wait longer to receive wedding photo’s and then you miss the deadline of the competitions. So if you really want to enter a competition make sure you get married the right time.

I hope this had helped you a bit, if you have any questions or so, just drop it in the comment box below.