Create your own Dangly heart!


Save money and create your own creative dangly heart by following this few easy steps!

All you need is a sewing machine (or you can hand sew), some vintage style fabric, scissors, stuffing, tacking pins,tracing paper, tatty string and buttons if you wish to decorate it.


Step 1:  Cut a heart shape into the tracing paper and transferred it twice onto the chosen material.

use 2use3Step 2: Put the two heart together making sure the pattern face each other so it is sewn together inside out ready to be opened out.

use4Step 3: Stitch all around the edges but make sure you leave a 1 cm gap or even smaller if you want, so you have a hole to turn the heart inside out and eventually fill with stuffing.

use5Step 4: Make sure you double stitch the edges each side of the 1 cm gap or the stitching will come undone.

Turn the heart inside out and begin to fill the heart with the stuffing through the 1 cm hole.



Step 5: Hand stitch the 1 cm hole with the same color thread you used with your machine. I would recommend using white depending on the material used as this color is less visible.



Step 6: Create a cute little bow made out of tatty string. They are very easy to make and fix to the heart. Hand sewn the bow to it or you can use a hot glue gun.. You can also use another piece of tatty string and threaded through the top and bottom of the hear and tied in a knot.


Source: Not too shabby