Essential Tips when choosing bridal shoes


” Give a girl the right shoes and she can concur the world”

The next most important thing after choosing a wedding dress is choosing wedding shoes. Here is a few tips for brides when choosing the perfect wedding shoes.

1. Choose your wedding shoes after you’ve chosen your dress. This will help you pick wedding shoes that match or complement your wedding dress.

2. If you’re having an unusual wedding dress color, then consider having shoes dyed to match your outfit. To ensure a perfect match for your special day, get them professionally dyed.


3. If you want comfortable shoes, then it’s worth bearing in mind that with a long length dress ,shoes may not show too much, so you could get away with practical footwear or flatter bridal shoes.

4. If your wedding dress is a shorter length, then your shoes will be more visible and on display, so you could be more flamboyant with your bridal shoe choice. It’s also worth bearing in mind that shoes with ankle straps can help your legs look longer.


5. If you’re getting married outside or on a beach, then sandals may be perfect. But choose the heels carefully, as narrow heels may sink too easily into soft ground or sand and make it tricky to walk elegantly.

6. Check out the flooring in the wedding venue and choose your shoes appropriately. If the floor could be slippy, wedding shoes with glossy soles may make a walk down the aisle become more of a slide.


7. Don’t forget to consider the height of the groom when choosing what heel size to pick. Two inch heels may seem tempting, but if it will mean you’re towering over your groom on the day, they not be quite so ideal.

8. Footwear experts suggest it’s best to choose wedding shoes in the afternoon, as feet have a tendency to swell during the day. This will at least help prevent your wedding shoes from suddenly feeling too tight in the afternoon.

9. Whatever wedding shoes you choose to buy, make sure that you wear them in a bit first, before the big day. Wear them around the house, walking and standing them. This will help reduce the risk of them rubbing or causing blisters on your special day


10. If you think there’s a chance that you may not find your bridal shoes comfortable all day, then choose a second pair (if ever a girl needed that excuse!) for wearing in the evening, for dancing in at your wedding party.

Source: My wedding day only